Since the aim of the project is the development of new products with therapeutic and cosmetic properties for the treatment of pathologies of the foot, such as socks, tights, stockings, bodysuits, sleeves, knee pads, etc. and having into account that European consumers also seek comfort improvement in fabrics and garments, we must lead the project towards very specific markets where touch, softness, warmth and breathability acquire vital importance for the choice of a particular fabric or garment of clothing.All this together with the contribution of new designs that combine fashion with therapeutic properties will clearly be one of the differential factors in relation to the existing products on the market.

Market trends that have been observed are fully consistent with the aims of this project, and mark the line to follow in relation to the main markets to be targeted by the project:

  • Undergarments and outer garments with skin contact.
  • Undergarments of great consumption for adults
      (such as socks, tights or stockings).
  • Clothing for children and adolescents
      (knits as sports socks).
  • Technical applications of compressive orthopedic.

By addressing the GOODFOOTEX initiative to partners covering the entire value chain, it can be said that the textile industry as a whole seeks to be a part of the niche markets that can offer a wide range of possibilities for the sector. Given the ambitious aims of the project, health benefits and prevention of ulcers and other symptoms and pathologies of the foot of the users will be improved, and to do so through environmentally sustainable textile processing.